Symbioticon will revolutionize itself once again and become a purely digital hackathon and tech festival. We are happy that you are taking part!

As who are you going to start?

First steps


  1. Profile


    Create your profile and show the partners and other teams who you are and what skills you and your team have. If you are still looking for a team, you can show why people can celebrate success with you.

  2. Teamspirit


    You are still looking for companions? No problem! Choose one of the existing teams and knock on the door to join.

  3. Tracks & Partners


    You decide for your team which problem you want to work on. There is a total of seven tracks to choose from. For the hackathon you will be assigned a track expert as a sparring partner for the development of your idea.

  4. Developer Portal

    Use the best technology!

    The Sparkassen Developer Portal is the central contact point for information about the APIs of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. Use released data from the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe and other banks for new services and applications.

  5. Level up!


    Jump from level to level to Symbioticon triumph! Your team collects points from the jury, from the online crowd and through won badges. Through regular updates of your project status in the newsfeed, you can inspire the audience!

  6. Communication


    Connect and communicate with your teammates about slack. Get know-how and advice from your partners and share your hackathon idea online.

You miss information?

Choose an area for more details


So that the teams know your skills and can assess whether they can use your skills. It also helps us and all the other participants to get to know you better and your partners and team members know exactly who they are dealing with.

Every Symbioticon participant who is registered on the platform.

We need your profile picture in the ratio 1:1 - it must have at least 600x600 pixels and may be max. 5 MB in size.

The following applies to your header: Ratio approx. 7:2, min. 1920 x 548 pixels and max. 5 MB image size.


There are various options available to you for this. Either you register with a team from your network or you use the filter for "Search for members" on the overview page. This will show you all teams that still need support in individual disciplines.

Via Slack you can make a request to your desired team. If it fits, you will receive a code from the team to join it.

The searching teams make a list on their team page of all the skills they still need in the team. Just look around on the team pages and write to the teams about Slack.

There is no limit - but our recommendation is that there should be at least one expert from each of the areas UI, UX, developers and business developers.

From 10 October you will be in the warm-up phase. Here you will have time to create your profiles, get together in teams and decide on a track or partner. This should all have taken place by 05.11., as Level 1 starts on 06. November and then the idea development starts.

Tracks & Partner

The track is the subject area in which you will move. The challenge is the concrete task you are asked to solve.

A list of the challenges with their requirements can be found in the playbook.

No, with the track selection you also decide on the corresponding partner and vice versa.

The requirements are optional, not mandatory. BUT: If you stick to them, you have a better chance of convincing the jury of your idea and getting to the heart of the task.

Like all other Symbioticon participants, you can reach the track partners via the Slack Workspace.


Sign up with Slack and join the Symbioticon Channel. Here you can communicate with all Symbioticon participants. You can find the link to our Channel/Slack here:

If you haven't already done so, download the slack app. Log in to our workspace with it: https://join.slack.com/t/symbioticon2020/shared_invite/zt-i3iy1f4j-~s7xhMis1bbgNrzL7DeXnw

All available APIs can be found via the Sparkassen Developer Portal


No, the events are voluntary.

We will organize exciting additional events around Symbioticon. Stay tuned!

Nope, everyone who is registered on Symbioticon can attend the events free of charge.


Symbioticon is the saving banks finance groups annual hackathon organised by the Sparkassen Innovation Hub (S-Hub). In recent years, the concept has already gone far beyond a pure developer competition. The fusion of Hackathon, conference and networking event brought together different interest groups. The teams created trend-setting product ideas for the Sparkasse of tomorrow - the best won highly remunerated prizes.

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