Symbioticon 20/21

Ready to play along? Convince your track partner with innovative ideas for solutions to the current challenges of the financial world.

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Win up to 32.000€

2020 was a gamechanger. We also had to turn our previous concept completely upside down. Now in the final level, it's all about advancing your ideas in the technical implementation, so keep grinding, tinkering and testing on your ideas, further than it was ever possible at a hackathon!

  1. WARM UP

    FROM 10. OCT 2020


    Welcome to the #Gamechanger Symbioticon 2020! Register, get together & form teams, choose your track & challenge and get to know your coaches.

  2. LEVEL 1

    06.-08. NOV 2020

    ∞ Teams / Track


    Save the date: On November 6th the starting signal is given at 10 a.m.. From now on you have time until 8th November 6 p.m. to work out your idea and upload a video pitch. Only the best 5 teams of every track will enter the next level and receive a prize money of 2.000€.

  3. LEVEL 2

    11.-24. NOV 2020

    5 Teams / Track


    The second level starts on 11th November. Here you have to work on your idea, develop a prototype, test it (with users), improve it and think about the business case. Until the 24th November you have to pitch your idea again with a short video. Only the best team per track will proceed to the third level and receive another prize money of 10.000€.

  4. LEVEL 3

    15.JAN - 20. MAR 2021

    1 Team / Track


    The last level is no longer just about the idea. You also have to prove that you can work together as a team and that you are able to respond to challenges. The third level takes place between 15.01. and 30.03.2021. The best team of the track finalists will win an additional 20.000€.

  5. GLORY

    1. MAR 2021
    1 Team


    Save the date: today the winning team will be announced!

Tracks 20/21

The best in their discipline

As a team, you already decided when registering which problem you would like to work on. You had a total of six tracks to choose from. For the third level of the hackathon, you will be assigned a track expert as a sparring partner for the development of your idea.


Overview of all challenges of the track partners

We have a vision: We are on a networked playing field where your regional players inspire you anew every day. No matter whether you are quite new to the playing field or always have been a member of the regional team, whether you are a private or professional player – on this regional field, individual problems will be solved by a networked interaction. And now we need you to realize our vision. Ready to become a vision realizer? Then let's get started.

In the Insurance Track, you will be concerned with the needs of Generation Z and their first insurance products. Considering these, you will explore the variety of trends that shape Generation Z in particular, such as how media consumption has changed & communication behavior along with it; new mobility concepts; and constant availability. As part of the Symbioticon, we want you to explore how the sale of insurance products to Generation Z has changed. How could insurers reach this target group via digital channels? A new technology that could play a role in this Track is Apple App Clips or Google Instant Apps.

Bring AI to life in the savings banks! AI is increasingly developing from a mere buzzword into a market-ready mass phenomenon with a wide range of possible uses. With your vision we will bring artificial intelligence from OPENAI or MICROSOFT to life in the savings banks and create enthusiasm among customers, consultants and other employees of the savings banks. We look forward to your ideas on how service processes, offers and services can be improved through the use of AI and how customer data can be used to optimize the service experience.

We want to boost digitization and innovation in Germany. To this end, we support medium-sized companies, freelancers or start-ups, with funding so that their projects quickly become reality. We want to make the process of obtaining and applying for funding for such projects as easy as possible. We need your help to realize our vision "KfW is the enabler for the digitalization of companies in Germany. Ready to become a vision realizer? Then let's get started.

Digital is everywhere. Not only has the Coronavirus taught us a lesson in flexibility and the need to go digital, but even in the “old normal” the shift to digital turned out to be inevitable. Corona has just accelerated this. Across industries we, as customers, observe a multitude of convenient and seamless digital services. Taking the social media domain as an example, companies have understood to interact with their clients through multiple channels – that all have one commonality: Ease of use. Why has our digital communication for financial service customers not evolved at the same speed and scale? We still see a scarcity in ways of communicating and advising financial service. Therefore, we would like to challenge our thinking by asking: How can the digital pass technology, YourPass, be leveraged to create new experiences for S-Finanzgruppe customers?

We are breaking new ground when it comes to investing money: With a solution that makes investing the nicest incidental in the world. Develop an innovative solution for one of our four target groups - that will inspire them. Please consider at least one of the six given global megatrends. Bonus level - investing with a clear conscience: answer the question of what contribution your solution makes to a sustainable environment. Megatrends: neo-ecology, individualization, globalization, connectivity, knowledge culture, silver society Target groups: neo-hippie, progressive parents, midlife performer, best agers


Hackathon en détail

This year's Symbioticon brings a whole range of new things with it. To help you keep track and understand how the platform and gamification will affect this year's hackathon, there is the Playbook. Here we have summarized everything that is important and relevant for you. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us via Slack.


Sparkassen Developer Portal

Use the best technology

The Sparkassen Developer Portal is the central hub for all APIs and technical tools. So you have access to different APIs and get our full support for planned functions. For each API we offer everything to simplify your development: excellent Software Development Kits (SDKs), clear and complete documentation and all information about usable plugins.

Sparkassen Developer Portal


All dates in the overview

As in previous years, Symbioticon 20/21 goes beyond the pure hackathon format. We offer a comprehensive supporting program on the three core topics GREEN FINANCE, NEW WORK and ALL DIGITAL. In exciting keynotes and online contributions we show, impulse presentations and enable virtual networking formats. You can find all keynotes here:



Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The will to win! Did you win all the badges, the crowd and convince the jury? Here you can not only see what you have, but also what you need to win. All teams in the tracks sorted by placement and level.



Any questions left?

Still got no clue? No problem! You can find a summary of the most important questions and answers on the onboarding page. If you still have questions left, you can also contact us directly via E-Mail.


Symbioticon is the saving banks finance groups annual hackathon organised by the Sparkassen Innovation Hub (S-Hub). In recent years, the concept has already gone far beyond a pure developer competition. The fusion of Hackathon, conference and networking event brought together different interest groups. The teams created trend-setting product ideas for the Sparkasse of tomorrow - the best won highly remunerated prizes.

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