Symbioticon 20/21

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As in previous years, the digital Symbioticon 20/21 goes beyond the pure hackathon format. We offer you a comprehensive supporting program on the three core topics GREEN FINANCE, NEW WORK and ALL DIGITAL. In keynotes and online contributions, we offer insights, impulse presentations and facilitate virtual networking formats. Everyone who is registered on the platform has free access to the livestreams.


What was and what is yet to come

Theme days

Exciting insights

No Symbioticon is complete without inspiring speakers and keynotes on current developments in the world of finance. At the first purely digital edition of Symbioticon, you could even experience three days of deep dives on the respective focus topics with us.

To kick things off, our GREEN DAY focused on the megatrends of climate change and sustainability and their influence on values and attitudes in the financial world. Among others, our speakers Luisa Neubauer from Fridays For Future and Sara Nuru offered strong opinions.

Later, at the NEW WORK theme day, you were able to learn how we can all collaborate even better digitally, especially in times of the coronavirus pandemic. Speakers like Ibrahim Evsan took you into the New Work cosmos and together we were able to discover new perspectives and collect ideas.

At the end of the series of topics, you were able to put green hooks behind buzzwords such as open banking, AI or blockchain on the topic of ALL DIGITAL. Talks like Christoph Gum's helped you determine which hopes in the digital hype fields are justified and where the promises should still be viewed with caution.

The re-livestreams of our Symbioticon theme days are directly linked below in the program. Watch it (again)!

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Symbioticon is the saving banks finance groups annual hackathon organised by the Sparkassen Innovation Hub (S-Hub). In recent years, the concept has already gone far beyond a pure developer competition. The fusion of Hackathon, conference and networking event brought together different interest groups. The teams created trend-setting product ideas for the Sparkasse of tomorrow - the best won highly remunerated prizes.

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