Symbioticon 20/21

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Final Jury

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Kerstin Berghoff-Ising

Sparkasse Hannover



Sei als Mitarbeiter deiner Sparkasse ein #GameChanger und gewinne die volle Power des Sparkassen Innovation Hubs. Nichts leichter als das! Du bringst nämlich alles schon mit: Melde dich als Sparkassen-Mitarbeiter einfach auf der Plattform mit deiner Sparkassen Emailadresse an und gib alles! Gib Feedback, gib Likes,Votes und Kommentare ab, gib Gedankenanstöße und Insights. Denn das alles ist deine Superkraft in dieser Challenge: die geballte Power deines Feedbacks und Expertise, mit der du die Teams unterstützen kannst.

Alle deine Aktivitäten bringen dich deinem Gewinn einen Schritt näher, denn hier zählt alles: deine Kommentare im Newsfeed der Teams, deine Likes, deine Upvotes der Teams und ihrer Ideen. Aber auch die persönlicheUnterstützung der Teams über Email und Slack. Die Teams vergeben nämlich noch den „TeamSupporter-Badge“ an die Sparkasse, die sie aus ihrer Sicht am meisten vorangebracht hat

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Gewinne die volle Kraft des Sparkassen Innovation Hubs

Die Sparkasse mit dem höchsten gesamtheitlichen Engagement gewinnt ein InnoPackage, das heißt die volle Kraft des Sparkassen Innovation Hubs für ein Thema deiner Wahl. Soll ein Produkt deiner Sparkasse verbessert werden oder möchtest du agile Arbeitsmethoden besser kennenlernen? Die Entscheidung liegt ganz bei dir!

Und es gibt noch mehr! Unter allen Sparkassen-Mitarbeitern, die die Teams bis zum Finale am 30.03.2021 tatkräftig unterstützen, vergeben wir folgende #GameChanger Gewinne:

**Platz 1-5: 1x iPhone 12 & Symbioticon Hoodie **

Platz 6-50: 1x Symbioticon Hoodie

Next Level

Hackathon rethought

We are turning Symbioticon 20/21 completely digital and making a virtue out of necessity. At this Symbioticon, you will once again have to convince our jury in order to win prize money with your idea. But this time you have even more chances as a team: Win the audience for your idea by sharing your progress in your team feed. This offers you the possibility to describe, upload and link your progress. In return, you will receive badges, which will also earn you important bonus points. Level 3 lasts for several weeks, so you can advance your ideas in the technical implementation in addition to your daily business. Good luck!


The tracks are the red threads of the hackathon and limit the game areas somewhat. By selecting a track, you have decided which problem or challenge you would like to work on. For the whole hackathon we provide you with experienced experts of the respective tracks. They will support you during the entire hackathon as sparring partners and in the development of your idea. If specified, the given APIs and technologies of the track should be used.



Levels & Incentives

There are three levels with different challenges and over different time periods. In the first level you had to develop and present an idea within 48 hours. Only the top 5 teams in each track advanced to the second level and received €2,000 in prize money. In the second level you had to elaborate your idea, develop a prototype, test it and improve it. Only the best team of each track went to the third level and received a further prize money of 10.000€. In the last level it is not only about the idea. You also have to prove that you can cooperate as a team and meet requirements. The best team of the track finalists wins an additional 20.000€.

AHOI Special

Once again this year, there will be special prizes for the use of savings bank APIs. The winners will be selected by experts from the Star Finanz AHOI team. To win one of the special prizes, simply apply via the Slack channel of the AHOI Partner Team. Using the AHOI API will give you an advantage. 5,000 for the team that demonstrates the best technical implementation in Level 3 based on the APIs in the Sparkassen Developer Portal and integrates customer/account information via AHOI or the Banking API.


The badges are an integral part of this year's hackathon, with which we want to transport part of the live feeling of recent years into the digital space. You can unlock some badges in the levels yourself by selecting the corresponding label […] in your team feed. Badges without label marking, are issued automatically or by the partners.

Level 1
You have founded your team in time.
You have received most of the Likes in one day.
[LIVESTREAM] You have successfully streamed on Twitch.
[PREVIEW] You have shared mockups of your idea.
[PITCH] You presented your idea in less than 3 minutes.
Level 2
[LIVESTREAM] You have successfully streamed on Twitch.
[PREVIEW] You have shared a prototype of your idea.
[USER INSIGHTS] You have shared a user survey of your idea.
You have survived the feedback session.
[PITCH] You presented your idea in less than 5 minutes.
Level 3
You have received most of the Likes in one week.
[LIVESTREAM] You have successfully streamed on Twitch.
[PREVIEW] You have shared a POC/MVP of your idea.
You have shared your roadmap.
You have survived the code review.

Experience Points

In total you can collect 1000 Experience Points (XP) per level. A first place on the jury will earn you 500 XP. A first place at the Crowd 250 XP. All badges of a level together also bring 250 XP. The placement of the teams depends on the total number of points.


The jury will be made up of different members for each level and track and will evaluate according to different criteria. In levels 1 and 2, the jury was made up of experts from the respective track partners. In the third level there is now a comprehensive jury, which evaluates according to special final criteria! The jury evaluates according to the criteria "Enthusiasm"; "Profitability"; "Degree of maturity"; "Fit to Sparkasse" and "Fit to Target Group". The votes result in the following points depending on the placement: 500, 309, 191, 118, 73, 45, 28, 17, 11, 7, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1 . The crowd voting works the same in level 3. All people registered on Symbioticon can leave a VOTE for their favorite teams. The ranking of the votes results in the Crowd-Experience-Points of the teams they receive in the level. The votes result in the following points depending on the ranking: 250, 155, 95, 59, 36, 23, 14, 9, 5, 3, 2, 1


We wish for a hard fought, exciting but very fair competition. Sabotage of other teams causes exclusion from the competition. Should teams use hacks, bugs, glitches or similar on the platform to gain an advantage, we reserve the right to intervene at our own discretion. No ideas or content with insulting, right-wing extremist or pornographic backgrounds are allowed on the platform.


All dates in the overview

As in previous years, Symbioticon 20/21 goes beyond the pure hackathon format. We offer a comprehensive supporting program on the three core topics GREEN FINANCE, NEW WORK and ALL DIGITAL. In exciting keynotes and online contributions we show, impulse presentations and enable virtual networking formats. You can find all keynotes here:



Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The will to win! Did you win all the badges, the crowd and convince the jury? Here you can not only see what you have, but also what you need to win. All teams in the tracks sorted by placement and level.



Any questions left?

Still got no clue? No problem! You can find a summary of the most important questions and answers on the onboarding page. If you still have questions left, you can also contact us directly via E-Mail.


Symbioticon is the saving banks finance groups annual hackathon organised by the Sparkassen Innovation Hub (S-Hub). In recent years, the concept has already gone far beyond a pure developer competition. The fusion of Hackathon, conference and networking event brought together different interest groups. The teams created trend-setting product ideas for the Sparkasse of tomorrow - the best won highly remunerated prizes.

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